We spent half the day door shopping for a patio door this afternoon. Who knew that a single patio door could cost $2000? All we wanted was a single door with a glass panel and some grills, kind of like this...

We got prices from 5 different manufacturers from patio french door to exterior glass door without the grids. Milgard was the most expensive, with the grills costing $600 extra on top of the base price. The least expensive was a plain glass exterior door from Jeld-Wen at $600.

I really want to reuse the old glass doors from our house, but they are not up to code, we need doors with tempered glass. Oh the joy of building a house!

On a side note, Justin bought a pair of branch cutters and trimmed the heck out of the loquat trees, but barely made a dent. The unruly trees in our yard are really over grown, they desperately need some TLC. So we got some estimates from tree trimmers, it's anywhere from $750-$2000 to remove one walnut tree and trim five other trees in our yard. So many decisions, so little money...

Pictures from today. The old kitchen and living room windows were taken out.

Framing for our new windows. This is the living room window. 

This is the new kitchen window.

Taking one last look at the end of the work day.

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