Utility Room/Deck

Our house is really coming along. The electrical and plumbing rough-ins should be done at the end of this week. We'll schedule the inspections next week. Next week, Justin will get a chance to experience meeting with the city inspector and managing the work site. He's taking the week off from his job to install the radiant floor heating system with the help of Dixie while I will be working in an office. 

It's exciting to see the back of the house coming together...The only thing missing in the utility room is the door and the utility equipments that go in there. I think it's almost time to paint the exterior of the house!

The utility room "roof"

Metal flashing going around the outer edge for waterproofing.

GacoDeck is an acrylic polymer that goes directly on top of the plywood for waterproofing. It comes in a kit that includes a paint roller, tape, and brush. We applied 5 layers of this stuff, hope it lasts. 

Building the railing. 

 Our carpenter, Mr. Tree, built too much slant into the roof/deck (3" instead of the standard 1.5"), which we had to correct before putting down the deck floor. Who in their right mind would think that much slant is acceptable for a deck? He still refuses to admit that he did anything wrong.

Francisco putting in the deck floor. Notice how we are leveling the floor.