New Closet!

I am happy to report that it feels great to be finally living in a house with modern appliances. I can't believe we've been in our house for three weeks now,  I was hoping that we would've made more progress by now with the unpacking and arrangement of the rooms. With Justin and I both working full-time right now, weekends are pretty much the only time we have energy and time for any kind of home improvement projects.

Our first priority was to have a closet with functional storage. Our clothes were just sitting in a pile for the first week that we were living here. We went to the Container Store to check out the Elfa closet system because I've heard so many good things about it. One of the sales associates did a mock up for our 4'x5' closet and the estimated price was $650! That was a huge shocker, but I got some good ideas on how to make our own budget version of a closet system. Then by chance we found a similar system, the Antonius shelving system at IKEA. It was on display as a laundry room organizer, but it's working out perfectly in our closet and it only cost about $120 for the whole closet. I had to do a little hacking to make the shallow shelves work with the clothes rail. Justin had his doubts with my alteration, but agreed afterwards they turned out fine. I am so happy with our functional closet! The project took a good part of our weekend. The most frustrating part was discovering that we got the wrong parts and had to make couple of trips to IKEA to get the correct pieces. Going to IKEA on weekends is a nightmare, that place was overrun by families with small kids as soon as they open. But who can blame them? IKEA is like Disneyland for the style and budget conscious do it yourselfers. :) The installation itself was very easy and took only couple of hours.