Garden/Walkway Planning

Yay, my blog got a facelift! I sat down one day and just started messing around with the blog template. After few hours of tinkering, it finally came together. I am pretty happy with the new look.

We are going on our fourth year living in this house and we are finally going to get our yard done this year. At least that's what we are hoping to accomplish before the end of the year. So far I've gotten one estimate and waiting to meet with two other landscaping companies. I had some idea of what it costs to redo our yard from talking to a neighbor couple of years ago who has a landscaping business. Our first estimate came in at over $21,000, more than doubled what we wanted to spend.

This is not a project that we can easily do it ourselves especially with two small children but the bulk of the cost is in labor. Get this, the estimate does not include demolition of the old walkway and disposal, that's another $3000-$5000. So it looks like we might have to do the project in phases to save up for each stage. Getting a new walkway is our priority so we'll get that done first.

I am super excited to get the work started but am also hating the fact that it's going to cost so much money!

Here are some inspirations I've thinking we could use in our garden make-over. I am such a sucker for the cottage garden look, with flowers, textures, colors, basically I want plants all over in every nook and cranny. It's funny because I prefer my interior surroundings to be minimalistic but when it comes to the outdoors, I am such a maximalist.

This walkway is done by using broken up concrete. I am looking for ideas to save money on the concrete disposal and cost of material. Flagstones maybe be natural but they don't come cheap.
Here is a patio built with repurposed concrete, also known as urbanite.

Before and after of a path made with urbanite.