Apartment Updates

Work is progressing slowly in the downstairs units as we are busy taking care of little Desmond upstairs. All the walls are painted, doors have been put in. The subway tiles we chose for the bathrooms are up on the walls, the floor tiles should be finished this week. The kitchen cabinets we purchased two weeks ago were delivered yesterday, they now sit in one of the apartments waiting to be installed.

We chose two panel doors for both units.

The old double hung windows got a face lift. New coat of paint and new casing. 

Front unit bathroom with white subway tiles and black border trim pieces.

We decided to go with a octagon black and white floor tile for a classic look. I am a little worry that they might look too busy in a small bathroom. I hope I won't regret it. 

Wall tiles for the back unit which will have a clawfoot tub that came with house.

Justin and I made a quick trip to Ikea couple of days ago and bought all the lighting fixtures for the apartments. Justin is going to install them this week, whenever he finds some free time in between changing dirty diapers and doing house hold chores...Eight light fixtures, total cost about $200, can't beat that!

Lillholmen bathroom light.

Lock hallway ceiling light.
 Tidig kitchen ceiling track lighting. We got the one with 3 track lights. 

Erbium living room ceiling light.  


Desmond's Diary

What I did on my third day being in this world:


The above is what Desmond's diary would look like if he could write. He sleeps so much, but I read that it's normal for a newborn. The first three months of a newborn's life is described as their fourth trimester because they don't have the brain maturity to deal with the outside world.

We love Desmond so much even though he's keeping us busy with diaper changes and feedings all day and all night. Every time we look at his angelic face, our hearts just melt away. ♥

Fourth day home. 


Baby Update

Desmond's due date was December 4th, that was 6 days ago! When I went in for my check up this past Wednesday, the midwife scheduled me for an Antepartum test which checks on the baby's heart rate and over all condition. What we found out today was that the baby has healthy heart beats. It was followed by an ultrasound to see if there is enough embryonic fluid for him to stay in a while longer. If there was not enough fluid, they would have to induce my labor today. Fortunately, or unfortunately there is enough fluid, so the little dude is safe where he is now. I have another appointment this coming Tuesday for more testings. We hope Desmond comes out soon, all this waiting is making us very anxious.


Green Oasis

Oh Wollypockets, how I covet thee...


Projects Around the House

Well, Desmond is over due, but that means I have a little bit more time to get things done for the downstairs units. The painter started painting the interiors this past weekend. I finally ordered the kitchen cabinets for downstairs today. I must say they look quite stylish and the finish is a dark brown stain with stainless steel handles. The two apartment size refrigerators were delivered last Saturday. I think I've finally made up my mine about the which laminate floor to use for downstairs. Our contractor said it'll take about one month to get all the finish work done for downstairs.

It's amazing what a new coat of paint can do to update an old item... 

I like the no logo look.

An old file box with chipped paint and bit of rust.

It looks new again with a coat of white paint. 

Putting together Desmond's first piece of furniture.  

The baby room is not ready yet, but it's a start.

Our first Christmas tree! We opted for a smaller tree to accommodate the lower ceiling in this part of the house. But we could've gotten away with a 7 footer. 

Justin was very excited to string up the exterior lights. I think we are the only house on the block with lights. Maybe our holiday spirit will inspire more people to put up decorations in the neighborhood. 

Ground floor back unit being painted. We chose a creamy off white paint to bring some warmth to the interior. 

For the bathroom we chose a grayish blue, which turned out more green when it dried on the wall. There will be subway tiles and octagonal black and white tiles on the bathroom floor. 

Our previous patio door has not been doing so well with the rain and improper installation by inexperienced carpenter. 

Our new door is a lot more energy efficient and looks almost identical to the old door. The only problem is...

The different placement of the door handle blocking the top drawer from opening.

I fixed it temporarily but switching the deadbolt and handle placement. 

The permanent solution is getting one of these low profile door handles...but color options are limited.



I love our kitchen! It's so much more enjoyable to cook in a spacious kitchen with a powerful new stove/oven. Having a dishwasher is huge plus too...

I think this was our first breakfast cooked on the new range. Scrambled eggs with red onions, veggie patties, and toasts.

Tuna casserole

Seared Ahi tuna

Roasted root vegetables and salmon casserole

Swiss chard and bacon quiche

One of my first forays into making dessert. Baked granny smith apple with brown sugar, nuts, and butter. I think the apple could've cook a little longer, but it was pretty delicious none the less. :)


Baby Stuff

With the impending arrival of baby Desmond, I need to find a place to store all his adorable baby cloths.
I can't decide which one of these Ikea dressers will work as our little one's wardrobe storage. Only the Stuva is a child specific line from Ikea. But I think the "adult" dressers could work well in children's room too.



Something Different

Now that Christmas is just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about holiday decorations around our new house. Once Desmond Liang LaBo comes into this world next month, I don't think I will have the time or energy to put up decorations. I love the idea of of succulent wreaths because they will stay alive for much longer and they are just so darn pretty. These wreaths don't come cheap, so the only way I can have one is to make it myself, but I probably have to wait until next Christmas to take on this project. In the mean time, I will just admire them online...


To Do List

Current projects (I know I am missing some stuff, but these are the most important...)
-Completing rental units
-Kitchen cabinets
-Paint both units
-Laminate floor
-Bathroom tiles
-Refinishing clawfoot tub
-Faucet fixtures
-Light fixtures
-Trash removal
-Fixing window leak upstairs
-Wall mount heaters
-Coin-op washer and dryer
-Kitchen exhaust fan
-Kitchen/bathroom sinks
-Interior doors

Next year...
-Landscaping: vegetable garden, lawn, fence repair/replacement.
-Exterior painting
-Interior molding, baseboard, window casing
-Interior door refinishing
-Desmond's room
-Replacing garage door


Sound Channels, Sheetrock, Oh My!

Our contractor friend has came to our rescue! He is managing the sheetrock guys and building inspections, while Justin and I are away at work everyday. Progress is being made, which makes me very happy. That means we have to get in gear and be ready to purchase all the bathroom, kitchen and floor supplies. We've decided not to do the finishing work ourselves like we did upstairs. Our contractor is hiring couple of guys he knows to finish the work for us. So it looks like the apartments will be done before the end of the year, which is quickly approaching.

We used the less expensive option for insulation, the pink panther stuff. It had a rather strong and unpleasant odor. 

Front unit before sheetrock. 

The strips of metals that went on before the sheetrock are call sound channels. They help to reduce the transmission of sound waves between rooms.

These sheetrock guys have been showing to work every night around 6 until 10pm, after their day job. Needless to say, the noise is kind of disruptive, but with a tight budget, we'll just have to put up with it for a couple more days.

This is where we are at on Sunday. It's supposed to be done on Monday so we can schedule a sheetrock inspection on Tuesday. 

With the recent rain fall, we've discovered several places in our "new" house that have minor leaks. The most puzzling one is this one above one of the living room windows. After we discovered the leak, we caulked all around the outside wood siding of this window but it  didn't fix the leak. We've also checked in the attic for any possible leakage, but it doesn't seem to be coming from there either. 

The water is seeping in between the window header. Ugh, where is the water coming from?!

To end on a positive note, we finally put up the new stainless steel backsplash.  

We found this pre-cut stainless steel backsplash on Quickshipmetal.com. It cost less than $80 and was pretty easy to install. All it took was a tube of construction adhesive from Home Depot. It did slid down the wall about 1/8" because we didn't put support to keep it up before the glue set. Oh well, we love how it turned out anyway!