Beautifully hand drawn types by Jessica Hische...








Story Time

I left work early and skipped class today. Work was slow and the class was dreadfully boring. I got home and immediately curled up on the couch to read "Long Past Stopping" by Oran Canfield. This book is very funny and well written. I can hear Oran's voice as I am reading the book and have caught myself laughing out loud frequently. I met Oran about five years ago through mutual friends and have heard that he has been recovering from drug addiction. So this memoir is an eye opener for me to read about the extend of his addiction and the colorful stories of his childhood. Having dealt with drug addiction myself, this book brings back dark memories of living in the Mission, going to shows, and many a late nights. I certainly don't miss those days, and maybe some day I will be ready to write my own memoir.

On a lighter note, I saw these lights on couple of sites today. I love the way they look, but I am not sure if they are practical with no shades to soften the bare light bulbs. From the L.A. Times, "The New York City architect Matthew Bremer calls it “the bare bulb aesthetic”: fixtures that take cues from old factory lights with wire cages."

These lights come from Ryan Brown's (of Bravo's Flipping Out fame) store website.

These are vintage and reproduction lights from the L.A. Times website.

Home Port's 3-in-1 Roshni lamp


Getting Inspired

I am a little ashamed to admit that I haven't picked up a paint brush in months; having been consumed by the house hunting, school and work and the lack of studio space. I just saw the work of artist Henrique Oliveir on Design *Sponge, amazing and very inspiring. I love the texture and colors in his paintings and huge wooden sculpture installations.



We looked at three houses; the first one is a probate sale and needs a lot of work. But it has potential. The second one is in Berkeley on Ashby Ave., an extremely busy road. The house has no backyard, but has a front lawn. The rooms are tiny, three bedrooms and two bathrooms all within 950 sq. ft. It's at the top of our price range, so it's a no go. The third house is near the Oakland, Emeryville border, newly painted, three bedrooms and one bathroom. It is over 1600 sq. ft. on a 5000 sq. ft. lot. It's almost move in ready with a nicely landscaped yard in the front and back. However, it might have some foundation problems, which we wouldn't know until we do an inspection. We're definitely putting in an offer, even though we know it will be a long shot.

I am obsessed with looking at interior design blogs. I will post inspirational photos of interiors I like.

Speaking of interior design, we went to Urban Ore for a little bargain hunting and all I got was cat poop on my shoe, again! I was still recovering from the last time I stepped on cat poop there. Oh well. We've decided that nothing inside the huge warehouse is worth much and anything that was worth looking at was overpriced. We may find something of use there in the future for our house renovation, that is if we ever find a house to call our home.

Here are some images I find inspiring...(I found most of these images from Desire to Inspire and Apartment Therapy)