New Gate Part Deux

I am happy to say that we are one giant step closer to finish the fence. The side gate was on its last legs and we just had to get it replaced while it's still barely standing. I got an estimate from a carpenter/contractor that lives in our neighborhood and he quoted me almost $1900 for the side gate plus 20 feet of fence. I really wanted to use the guy, he had nice workmanship judging by the gate/fence he built for his own house. His bid was unfortunately twice as much as the company we used for the front gate. So we signed the contract with Borg Fence and was able to scheduled them to come out two weeks later due to a cancellation on their end. 

I meant to take a before picture of the old fence which was obstructed by three Bottle Brush shrubs but never got around to it. 

I dug up this photo from our last fence project. You can kind of see the fence leaning one way and the gate leaning in the opposite direction.
The workers had already broken down parts of the fence when I got home from dropping the little D at daycare.

The workers constructing the rails for the fence and the gate.
The job took about 5 hours and I am very happy none of my hostas were harmed. 
They wanted an additional $125 for the trellis so I requested to have the posts be left uncut so we can do it ourselves later to save some money.


Lawn update...

I've been called in to do some freelance work for the months of June and July. That's why this blog is not seeing much activities lately. 

A quick update on our lawn. It's been a month and a half since we installed it. We watered it diligently for 2 weeks to make sure the grass take root. We finally bought a manual push lawnmower after 4 weeks to give the grass a haircut. The mower is a little hard to push due to the self sharpening blades, but it's done a pretty good job so far. The mower we ended with was the Gilmour RM30 20-Inch Reel Mower with Grass Catcher. There was a really detailed and excellent review of how this mower compared to all the other ones on Amazon that sold me on this particular mower.

There were surprisingly few used mowers for sale on Craigslist so I ordered one from Amazon and saved $50 in shipping and promotion discount. Not a bad deal.
A comparison of pre and post mowed grass. It really does look like the grass was getting a haircut. 
Justin had to mow the grass twice to get it to the desired length. 
Another go at it to trim down the grass.