Floor Care

Is it weird to say that I am very happy today because I just purchased my first ever vacuum cleaner?! It's the Electrolux Ergorapido 2 in 1 cordless vac. It worked great on our wood and tile floor. Not only is it stylish and compact, it also does a really good job of sucking up all the crumbs and dust in hard to reach places. This gadget makes cleaning almost fun. I read some online complaints that the vacuum crap out after eight months or so, I will have to wait and see if that happens with mine.


I Likey

I've been looking for a paper shredder to use in our home. All I've seen so far are all very bulky and seem to take up too much space. Then I saw this cute manual paper shredder on Design*Sponge today which is perfect! The design is minimal yet whimsical, taking up little space and comes in cute colors, pink, blue, and white. This is so adorable that I don't even mind that it requires manually cranking the handle to shred documents. It's only available at A + R Store for $44.


We've been busy these last couple of months going to work and attending out of town weddings. Work on the downstairs units has been at a stand still for about three weeks, but it's finally started again I am happy to say. On Friday, insulation was put in the downstairs units. We opted for the cheaper, pink fiberglass insulation instead of the more expensive and eco-friendly denim insulation we used upstairs. Hopefully this week, we will have the sheetrock put in.

Justin admiring the insulation.  

After much procrastination, the half bath finally got a tidying up. We added a sliding shelf below the utility sink and a bar with hooks for organizing the brooms and mop. I  like how it keeps everything off the floor and neat looking. The round mirror was a lucky estate sale find. My dad made the little wooden stool between the sink and toilet. I plan to put a coat a paint on it one of these days. :)



I am growing to love our house more and more each day. Justin's hard work on the radiant heat has paid off beautifully, it has been working its' magic and keeping us comfortably warm. Unlike central heating, there's no one specific heat source blowing hot air into the room. The whole house just feels comfortable all over without any hot or cold spots.


Being Lazy

I've been very lazy with the blogging lately. There's not much progress to update except that we are very happy to be living in our new home which almost doubled the size of our apartment. The house has windows on all four walls thus lets in so much light throughout the day!

These are some photos of our almost complete bathrooms. Master bath, needs more storage in the future, but it works for now. Not sure if the lack of a bathtub is a drawback for resale, but I love the big shower!

Half bath / laundry room. We will eventually add more shelving/storage. The deep utility sink is perfect for this room. Our awesome stackable LG washer and dryer are on the opposite wall. So glad to have in house laundry. In our old apartment, we had to take our dirty laundry out the back of the building and down a flight of stairs to the dusty cobweb basement. It was definitely one of my least favorite chores right behind washing dishes by hand. 

Finally found a place for my colorful coat rack.

Our range is still on the slow boat from China, literally. We are relying on this electric hot plate from my parents to do our cooking...

The downstairs units are still waiting to be insulated and drywalled. It's taking more time than we would like, but we've been busy with work and traveling lately. I am hoping that we can get it going in a couple of weeks when I get back from New York.