Quick Updates

What do I do on days that little D goes to daycare? (Well, besides the usual housekeeping stuff) I patch holes in the wall, plant things in the yard, and daydream about how to turn our weed infested yard into a garden of delight. I have also been slowing getting rid of stuff in an effort to achieve my goal of living with less. Clothing stuff goes to donation box down the street, baby stuff I would put on Craigslist. 

Before the purge.
After: I don't have a better way of storing the diaper boxes at the moment, still, it's much better than before. 
I recently did a quick re-organizing of our overflowing bookcase, letting go of few books I no longer need. As always, there's clothes that need a new home. I love that there's a clothes donation drop off few blocks away for our house. 
We tried to donate this guy to a local salvage shop a while back, but they didn't want it. Today, I listed it on Craigslist for free and it was gone within an hour. 

For some strange reason, I have tried to paint over the same spot twice with the wrong color paint on the bathroom wall. 
As the saying goes, third time's the charm. I finally got it right! Woohoo! Don't look too closely though, it might have been the wrong finish, but you can hardly tell, right?
Unlike the two holes above the window I patched up last year, I found a wall patching kit at Home Depot which made the process a lot easier. 
I had planned to install hardwire sconces on the wall, but had a really hard time finding the right scones. So we are going to try something else but first I had to cover up the holes left by the removal of the electrical boxes.  
Mission accomplished. Looks pretty good to me. 
Last year, when I laid my eyes on this strange looking purple flower, Cerinthe major purpurascens "Blue Honeywort", at Annie's Annuals, I knew I wanted it in my garden. Sadly, the little plant didn't survive. It was supposed to be super easy to grow! Well, when you don't succeed, try, try again. Lucky me,  I noticed there were a bunch of them growing happily in front of little D's daycare. Then I found out it's easy to gather the seeds. So I collected 10 seeds today after dropping the little guy off. I immediately put them in the ground when I got home. Let's see if any of them sprout. Check back later for a Blue Honeywort udpate. 
Photo from here.
That big black thing is the seed. It took me a little  bit to figure out what and where to look for the seed on the plant.