Glacier National Park blanket

A while ago, a good friend paid a visit to my apartment. My blanket caught her attention. She told me it is a very famous design so I decided to look for more information online. That was over one year ago, I never knew where to start the search. Fast forward a year later, I was browsing another design blog and found out my blanket was made by Pendleton. Here is a little history of my blanket named, Glacier National Park blanket


Gobble Gobble

T'is the day before Turkey day, oh how time flies! Although we will be spending time with my family tomorrow, there will be none of the traditional Thanksgiving food items on our menu. We will be having Chinese food, in a restaurant no less. Justin and I promised ourselves that next year we'll have a real Thanksgiving meal in our house, that is assuming that we'll be homeowners by then. I am not sure if I have the stamina to continue looking for a house for another 10 months. I am especially looking forward to getting away for Christmas and getting some much needed R and R.

I have been diligently looking at interior design blogs for renovation ideas and inspirations, because we might be getting an old Victorian duplex in the near future and it's a major fixer-upper. I've noticed that the color grey is being used a lot for interior walls and kitchen cabinets. I guess grey is considered a neutral color. So depending on which shade and the saturation of grey being used, it could create varying soothing and dramatic effects. I think I prefer the lighter shades of grey over the darker, cooler greys.

Here are some examples.
1. Modern rustic bathroom
2. Retro rustic kitchen
3. Retro modern bedroom
4. Updated vintage bathroom
5. Chic London flat from decorpad
6. Industrial kitchen with vintage charm


The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

Ever since this whole house hunting business began, I've been surprised by how supportive both of our families have been. This process has brought me closer to my parents and the rest of my family like never before. I don't know where I would be today without their patience and love. And it's definitely brought Justin and I closer even though we don't always see eye to eye. Being a first time home buyer,  I had to learned so much about the homing buying process. And in the many weekends we spent driving around looking at houses, I've discovered many wonderful and diverse neighborhoods in the East Bay.

I just heard from our realtor that the short sale has not been approved yet and even worse, we are not going to hear anything until the end of January 2010. Well, I can't say that I am surprised judging by how the listing agent has not been the most forthcoming with us about her negotiations with the bank.

We just made another offer on a REO (bank owned) duplex in Berkeley that seems promising. This listing has been active for several months with as many price reductions and we are the only offer at this time. We'll know something by Monday.

Enough rambling, here are some eye candy...

Justin's cousin's gf's elegant dining room make it into a magazine. I love the lightbulb chandelier and open shelving.

Hard to believe that this prefab loft is less than 700sqft, it looks much open and airy. This is called the Aluminium Cottage designed by Japanese architect Toyo Ito.


Garden Lust

Since we might be buying a condo with no outdoor space for gardening, I have been doing research on indoor gardens. I want to take full advantage of the two walls of windows in our possible new home. The simplest thing to do seems to be the bathtub planter, but having to haul it all the way up to the third floor doesn't sound like much fun. I love the idea of growing a vertical garden and it's a more elegant way of displaying multiple plants.


Keeping my fingers and toes crossed

Our long and arduous journey of buying a house might be finally coming to an end. The place we are in contract with is a short sale, and has been on the market since February this year. We were the second buyers to make an offer, although the listing agent mentioned that there was another interested party with a higher offer, that could just be a phantom bid though to try to keep us on our toes. 

Our agent forwarded us an email from the listing agent yesterday which said that the reluctant second lender has finally unofficially agreed to our offer price and will proceed with the paper work next week. Could this be true? Eight months of obsessively checking for new listings and hundreds of house visits later, we might finally become home owners! I am not going to celebrate just yet, having learned it the hard way back in August when we fell out of escrow. Interestingly, that house is back on the market. We realized it wasn't the right house for us and decided not to pursue it a second time. 

On a side note, we went to check out the Hillsborough Antique Show hoping to see and maybe find some amazing vintage pieces. Wow, what a let down. Most of the vendors there sold jewelry and silverware. There were a few furniture vendors but they were all priced at a premium. $800 for a pair of chairs is not a deal by any means. I also noticed that we were probably the youngest people there by at least couple of decades. We stopped in an outlet mall in San Leandro on the way back on a whim. The Nordstrom Rack store had a ton of great deals, but it was a zoo. My companion found several very handsome tops by Penguin at a great discount. I on the other hand left empty handed. It is definitely worth another visit. 

In the mean time I have been scouring the web for loft interior inspirations. Here are some of the things I would love to have in my loft...


Sunday time change

Last night was the biannual time change. By setting the clock backward one hour I was able to trick myself out of bed at 7am this morning...genius, I know! My "roommate" and I had been talking about going on early morning bike rides on the weekend, we decided today is the day. Today also happens to be the once a month Alameda Antique Faire thus, a perfect day for a long bike ride. What wasn't unexpected was the dense fog we encountered when we left the house. The dense fog made being on the bike very cold, it didn't help that I was wearing a sweater that did nothing to block out the dampness and wind. Riding along the Oakland waterfront in the early morning was so peaceful and relaxing. I felt like we had the whole fog cloaked city to ourselves.

We stopped for breakfast at Jim's Cafe in Alameda, it's this quirky old school diner with booths and counter seating. The walls were covered with black and white photos of the old San Francisco. The food was typical diner artery cloggers, but not bad at all. We continued on our journey to Alameda Point after being filled with bacon and eggs. By the time we got to the antiques fair, the parking lot was already filled with cars and a long line of people at the ticket counter. The fairground was full of vendors selling everything from junk to beautiful handmade furnitures imported from Brazil by Accent Brazil. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, saw some interesting chairs, but I've already reached the limit on the number of chairs I need right now. (There are currently 2 chairs in our storage space besides the 4 chairs in our apartment.) Although it was fun to browse, the closest I came to making a purchase was early on the day. But thankfully the roommate talked me out of the impulse buy.

I was too disgusted by the porta-potties at the fair and waited to use the indoor one at the Michaan's Auctions room nearby. I will have to come back in the near future to experience first hand the excitement of being in an auction.

I got too lazy to ride all the way back, so we took the train from the Fruitvale station. There was some kind of family friendly festival going on with Ferris wheel and ethnic food stalls. By this time I was tired and couldn't wait to be home, so there was no partaking in the fun. It's been a fantastic day and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect way to end the weekend.

Here are some photographic evidence of our morning adventure and encounter with designer meat...