Catching Up

I realized it's been four months since my last entry. I am so lazy with keeping this blog going. Life has been hectic in our household.

We found out that little D is going to be a big brother come this November to a little sister. The first trimester was no picnic. This was very different from my last pregnancy. Morning sickness is really a misnomer because the nausea came in waves all day long. Anyway I feel normal again after the first trimester but I do still get tired easily just not as bad as those first 3 months. We haven't decided on a name yet. I think it's one of the hardest things about having a child.

This is the little girl at 20 weeks. 

Besides the exciting news of the baby, I also took a twice a week night class to learn some new computer skills that would hopefully help with my career change in the near future. The class went on for 10 weeks and during that time I finally realized I had to get organized about my dinner prep. My old way was to just buy whatever looks good at the store and quickly run it through my head for possible recipes. Every evening I would look in the fridge and feel exasperated about what to make and just whip up the same stuff week after week. My class coincided with my first trimester nausea so the usual stuff I cooked was not appealing to me. I wanted to try out some new recipes to satisfy those cravings. I started to make a weekly menu before going grocery shopping and try to stick to the items on the list. This has made my nightly dinner cooking so much less stressful! One of the lessons I've learned since becoming as a parent is that organization helps to bring some sanity to our chaotic lives.