Projects Around the House

Well, Desmond is over due, but that means I have a little bit more time to get things done for the downstairs units. The painter started painting the interiors this past weekend. I finally ordered the kitchen cabinets for downstairs today. I must say they look quite stylish and the finish is a dark brown stain with stainless steel handles. The two apartment size refrigerators were delivered last Saturday. I think I've finally made up my mine about the which laminate floor to use for downstairs. Our contractor said it'll take about one month to get all the finish work done for downstairs.

It's amazing what a new coat of paint can do to update an old item... 

I like the no logo look.

An old file box with chipped paint and bit of rust.

It looks new again with a coat of white paint. 

Putting together Desmond's first piece of furniture.  

The baby room is not ready yet, but it's a start.

Our first Christmas tree! We opted for a smaller tree to accommodate the lower ceiling in this part of the house. But we could've gotten away with a 7 footer. 

Justin was very excited to string up the exterior lights. I think we are the only house on the block with lights. Maybe our holiday spirit will inspire more people to put up decorations in the neighborhood. 

Ground floor back unit being painted. We chose a creamy off white paint to bring some warmth to the interior. 

For the bathroom we chose a grayish blue, which turned out more green when it dried on the wall. There will be subway tiles and octagonal black and white tiles on the bathroom floor. 

Our previous patio door has not been doing so well with the rain and improper installation by inexperienced carpenter. 

Our new door is a lot more energy efficient and looks almost identical to the old door. The only problem is...

The different placement of the door handle blocking the top drawer from opening.

I fixed it temporarily but switching the deadbolt and handle placement. 

The permanent solution is getting one of these low profile door handles...but color options are limited.

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  1. This is exactly what I need. I have a fingerprint lock on the door and there isn't room for the door handle on the security door.