Plumber Bummer

All work at the job site will be on hold starting tomorrow, until we can find a plumber...we were making so much progress these last couple of months.

It was a beautiful day for some yard work. I spent the day breaking own branches for recycling. Both Justin and I have left piles of trimming lying at different spots around the yard. The branches and leaves have filled two paper bags and two green bins so far.

Just when I thought this pile was getting smaller, I found more branches to cut down. I plan to finish packing up the trimmings later this week.

Mr. Tree and the guys prepared the utility/laundry room/deck area and put in the frames for foundation. 

I will be back at the job site tomorrow to work on refinishing the door and meeting with contractors to get bids for plumbing and drywall. It's also once again, trash time. I have used different guys each time because I haven't found a trash guy that I want to work with again. So, the saga continues... 

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