We finally saw the Liebherr counter depth and extra high refrigerator in person today, both in 24" and 30" wide. What beauties they are...we are seriously considering buying it and I think I might have found a 30" floor model for the price of the 24" on Ebay.

We don't really like the look of consumer grade ranges, especially the stainless steel/black combo. Besides the look, we are also concern about the BTU (British Thermo Unit). My parents have a Frigidaire right now, but they wish it had bought something with more fire power. So we decided that with the tax refund from the house and Justin's commercial music, we can probably splurge a little and get a professional style range!

We discovered a "pro" style gas range brand called NXR which is half the price of Wolf's base model range. NXR is made in China and a relatively new company. Since they are still trying to establish the brand, their ranges are priced extremely low compared to other "pro" style ranges. I am excited to get my hands on one of these.

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