Electrical Work, etc...

We started on the electrical work in the upstairs unit this week. It is being done by the electrician that works at Justin's office. She's uh, a little slow, but very meticulous, so it all works out. Justin was the electrician's little helper today and he worked very hard.

I think I've finally found a good trash hauling guy. He happened to be driving by the other day and saw me standing next to the mountain of wood scrap by the side of the house. He stopped to give me a flyer and I asked him how much to take the trash away. He told me $500, which was $75 less than the estimate I got from another guy earlier in the day. I also remembered to haggle this time and saved myself $100. Thor, that's the owner's name, came with his two men crew on Friday as promised and took away the wood scrap pile. Their truck was practically over flowing when they left. 

These adorable antique toy cars were probably excavated from the house, when the foundation was being worked on. They've been sitting on the fence for a while now. 

I tried to finish the other side of the door today by staining it. The stain I got was dark walnut, I was really excited to give the door a dark finish. I gave the door another sanding to make sure that it would absorb as much stain as possible. Here are the before and after pictures. Maybe's it's the orange tone in the wood, because it turn out a dark reddish brown. I really wanted a cooler brown, but it still looks nice. 

It's about time we have a photo of the front of our house. So here it is.

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