Week In Review

We've made good progress this week, if only we didn't also have a million other projects to hold up the renovation. The plumber was supposed to start working on our house this week, but he has been held up at his other job in San Francisco for another week. This is really frustrating because we can't work finishing the slab foundation downstairs until the plumbing is done down there. I have made appointments with couple of well rated plumbers I found on Yelp.com to come and give me an estimate this week. I am also meeting with some drywall contractors this week to go over the cost of doing all three units.

On Friday we started working on the attic area of the house. We put up 2x8 beams next to the old 2x4s to add support for the plywood subfloor. This the first phase of our attic renovation to make it usable as storage. The second phase, i.e. insulation, drywall will happen when we have some extra money after we move in. We agonized over where to best put the attic ladder and finally decided that it will go in the master bedroom to keep it out of the living room ceiling.

Attic in it's original state. 

Louisville Ladder from Home Depot. 

Framing for the attic ladder.

In a land of ladders, only the attic ladder is right for the job.

I was not around on Saturday to manage the "crew" as usual, but Justin gladly took over my role for the day and I was happy to spend a day apart from the dust and debris.

While Justin spent most of the day battling with the over grown loquat tree, and the guys worked hard on putting down the subfloor in the attic. The weather has been very warm this week, so I am sure it was not too pleasant to be stuck up in the attic doing heavy physical work. So we made a lot of progress and the subfloor is finished. All that's left to do is put up the vertical 2x4s on the outer perimeter to support the roof.
2x8s done, plywood going down. 

Mini possessed Justin lurking in the back of the attic.

Normal sized Justin checking out the front of the attic. That little window doesn't open. I've called for couple of roofers estimates to put in attic ventilation, skylights, and close up the hole where the chimney used to be.

Subfloor finished!

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