Paint Colors!

It's really going to happen next week! Justin and I can barely contain our excitement. Our ugly duckling is finally going to turn into a swan (I hope). 

The painter brought over some color samples that we had chosen and put them on the wall. We thought the painting company were going to provide us with three options of color samples of our choice to choose from. Then I found out they only provided two options, any additional colors would be a surcharge of $25 each. Ouch. I told them we can get those samples ourselves which only cost less than $40 total. Anyways, I think we have a winner. 

I always had a vision of our house painted in grey, but I was really drawn to the paint chip of this Buxton Blue from the Benjamin Moore's Heritage collection. Justin and I were both surprised at how much we loved this color. The reddish color I picked as accent color looks off in combination with the blue. So I think we are going with the deeper blue. The dark blue will be used mainly on the doors and maybe the staircase. Please let me know if you think painting the house in the buxton blue is a bad idea. After looking at so many colors, I just can't tell anymore. 

Testing the colors out in another part of the house. 

But now we can't decide which white for the trim we want to go with the buxton blue body. The bright cooler white or the muted warmer white?

I also like the two greys I picked out. But they just don't have as much punch as the buxton blue. The blue is fun and light and has a wow factor. The greys are kind of dull and uninspiring but safe. 

 The darker grey looks almost green in this photo and the lighter warmer grey looks kind of boring. I think Queen Annes look nice with a bit of fun colors. 

There are some brightly painted houses in the neighborhood but I want to avoid having a house that look like these beauties...


  1. Hi! I know this is an older post, but I was wondering if you could email me the color of the paint on the 3rd to last picture you posted. The darker grey that looked green and the other paint. Thank you so much!

  2. Sorry I didn't write down the names since those colors were not used. I got them at a Benjamin Moore Paint store.