My New Plants

It's been a while since my last post. Not much has happened around here except the great weather we've been having, well, until last saturday when the weather turned crappy. Justin was supposed to whack the weeds in the yard and I wanted to do some planting around the house. My folks came over on Sunday for a visit and helped transplanted the dwarf orange tree we bought months ago from container to the yard. The tree was looking rather sad with barely any leaves left after much neglect. I hope finally being in the ground will help it return to health.

We went to Annie's Annuals and Perennials in Richmond the day before Mother's day to check out their offerings. They specialize in rare and usual flowers and California native plants. They had planned a whole bunch of festivities for the Mother's day weekend. We couldn't stay very long to enjoy the fun, but I did get a free plant for being a mother! Yay for my first Mother's day! I chose a Poppy of Troy. It had a single flower in bloom but the petals fell off after I brought it home. I was feeling kind of defeated, thought that I had killed it by not repotting it quick enough, but a week later, another one opened up and there's another bud waiting to flower right now. I finally repotted it last weekend but forgot to take a photo of the beautiful flower. I hope to collect the seeds so I can plant it in my garden next spring.

This is a photo from Annie's site. Isn't it pretty?

Here is my Poppy of Troy in it's new pot.

I bought another couple of succulents from Orchard Supply Hardware to add to my growing collection. I don't know their names, just like their shapes and color. I also bought some potting soil and a big pot to put my collection of little succulents in. I wasn't sure whether I should plant them far apart or put them close together. I decided to give them some room to grow and maybe add on more later.

I am afraid that I am slowing turning into a succulent hoarder. 

I thought for sure this little mint plant was a goner, but it came back to life. Mint is practically indestructible. 

I just repotted the Trader Joe's basil plant shown on the left in this photo. Hope it doesn't become another victim of my black thumb.

My first attempt at making a potted succulent garden. It's looking a little barren at the moment.

I bought a couple of new plants (the two in the front) from the CVS pharmacy aka "Big Longs". These plants weren't labeled very well, so I don't know their names. (I don't know the names of most of the succulents I have. I just know that they all have very complicated sounding Latin names.) Then I repotted them in new pots to use as indoor plants. I love the way they look together. I think I know what everyone is getting for Christmas this year. 

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