New Plants

I took advantage of the nice weather last weekend and planted more things around the yard. I hope they survive in their new homes.

This is a euphorbia cyparissias. I planted it in front of the porch area. 

This is a blue belle hosta. I planted this one next to the gigantic loquat tree in the front corner because it's supposed to do well in a shady area. 

I noticed this Jupiter's beard (aka Red Valerian ) growing wildly next to our garage this spring. I've seen it for sale at plant nurseries. This one was a transplant from the garage to our front yard, next to the Japanese maple. It must have been self sowed by birds or wind, because it just magically appeared this year. It's not looking too happy right now though.
I've also been doing a little bit of weeding during my free time. It's hard work and I feel sore from all the pulling and bending over. Yikes, I must be really out of shape. 

I like the little pink flower this wild geranium ground cover produces. But it's looking kind of ragged and I have to get all the weeds growing along side the house all cleared up before the painters start their work next week. Good times! They are pretty easy to pull out, coming out in a big clump, roots and all. 

All my hard work after the first day.

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