Sunday To Do List / Craigslist is the best!

The last few days have been trying...I came down with the 24 hour flu which lasted about 36 hours. It is now Sunday and I am stuck to the computer doing research for how to dispose of two expired hot water heater and trash removal.

I posted an ad on Craigslist for free wood and free water heaters. There were several takers for the wood and they made a small dent in the pile of trash on the side of our house. The water heaters are too old and banged up for the couple who came by to get them. Just other day, someone dumped about ten used doors on our fence but Craigslist's free section helped me got rid of them in no time.

I believe the metal tanks of the water heaters can be recycled, but not sure where to take them or who would take them. Did a little Google search and this is what I found. The city of Oakland has a bulky item pick-up program that I can utilize to get rid of the water heaters and possibly the stove that's been sitting out in the yard. Since it is Sunday, I will have to wait until tomorrow to call for an appointment.
* Update
The bulk item pickup service is only available to customers of the Waste Management agency. They only service green waste and trash in our neighborhood, so we have to pay a separate company for the recycling.

I just posted three ceiling fans in the free stuff section of Craigslist and within 5 minutes I've gotten three responses and they are all spoken for! I never knew there was such a huge market for out dated gold trimmed faux wood ceiling fans with lights...

Next thing on the to do list is to find a reliable company to haul away the construction debris since the guy we've been using has been kind of busy lately. Who knew that hiring someone to haul away your trash can cost so much money?! Most companies charge $500-600 for a full truck including labor. So far, we've dumped about 7 trucks of trash, that's $3500 in trash dumping alone and construction has barely begun.

Numero tres on the to do list is meeting with a plumber on Tuesday to get an estimate for doing the kitchen and bath plumbings for all three units in our house. This plumber, Pascal, works for the apartment building that we currently reside in. According our general contractor, the plumbing bids he's gotten so far range from $10,000-30,000 for the three kitchens and four bathrooms, not including materials, which is another $4000. I am hoping our french plumber Pascal can give us a better deal since he did mention that business is slow right now.

In addition to all of the above, I received one of my floor sample packages (yay!) during the height of my illness and haven't had time to really look them over. Will report on them later.

That's it for now.

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