I hate to admit it, but we (I) made a costly mistake today, about $150 worth. With such a tight budget as ours, every penny counts. Since concrete has to be dump separately from other demolition materials, I thought it would save us some money to take the concrete to the dump our selves instead of hiring someone else to do the job. I was only able to find one dumping station in our area that would accept concrete with rebars in them. I even asked the trash people on the phone if there's other dumping sites they know of, they said no. I rented a U-Haul pick-up truck then loaded the concrete from the old foundation and took it to Berkeley Transfer Station on 2nd Street. They charge by weight. We had to drive onto a scale before and after we unloaded the concrete ourselves. The concrete weighed in over 2700 lb. That's over 2 tons! I think we overloaded the poor truck. After everything was done, I found out from my general contractor friend that it only cost $20 to dump a full pick-up truck at a recycling center in San Leandro!!! I will know better next time, but it hurts to know that we spent too much on dumping concrete.

It doesn't look like much, but this stuff was HEAVY.

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