Spring Has Sprung

When we were house hunting, one of the criteria for me was must have space for garden. One of the houses we were in contract in did not have a garden and looking back, it was a blessing in disguise. I almost got a house with no front or back yard!

Our cute Queen Anne victorian not only has curb appeal due to its' architectural details but it sits on a relatively big lot for this neighborhood. I got my wish of having a yard, but was over grown with randomly placed and selected plants. There was a gigantic cactus in the middle of the back yard next to a aloe vera type succulent plant that was at least 3 feet wide. There was also an ill placed skinny persimmon tree next to the garage, with the top half of the tree trunk practically lying on the roof.

I gave away the cactus on Craigslist and chopped off the tree. Justin's dad dugged out the aloe plant. Last summer, we pruned the three loquat trees, one japanese maple and four bougainvilleas to tidy up the yard. That's not all, we also have three walnut trees on our property, two in the back and one in the front. The loner in the front has to go, because it's growing sideways to compete for sun with the giant loquat tree. The sad lemon tree will have the same fate because of said loquat taking up the whole corner in the front yard.

That yard will need a lot of work to make it shine, which is a project that will have to wait until at least next year. In the mean time, I am looking online for garden inspirations and day dream about building my own lush urban oasis...

I am no where as handy as this lady who re-built her own back yard. She did such an amazing job!

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