Clawfoot Tub

This is the clawfoot tub in the downstairs unit when we bought the house. We knew we wanted to reuse it in the new apartment. But the nasty burgundy color had to go. It wasn't until we took it out of its' place that we found that only half of the tub was painted. They used the same paint for the trims on the house. It was also the same nasty color as the old carpet. WTF?
Just to refresh your memory.

Don't worry, the toilet in this photo went to a good home. 

Bottom of the tub. Doesn't look like it's been painted. Looked a little rusty.

We bought a wire brush and did what we can to sand off some of the flakey paint. The surface was kind of rough and no amount of sanding was going to smooth it out. So I said, eff it, we'll just paint over it. 

We tightened up the legs. They are in good shape.

Applied one coat of black Rustoleum enamel paint. 

The paint is showing through after the first coat of paint. 

These are some of the worse bumpy spots. 

I think it looks pretty good after two coats of paint.

I would really like to keep this faucet, but it's not compatible with the new shower kit. Bummer!

I got quotes to get the inside of the tub refinished. It's going to cost $600. That's not going to happen anytime soon. 

Apparently, the genius who painted the outside of tub also painted the inside of the tub and the paint is chipping off. Now I have to get some chemical stripper to get that sh*t off. Or pay someone hundred dollars just to get it off. Ugh!

I will update with pictures of the installed tub soon. That's it for now. 

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