I've been scouring the internet looking for reputable house painters. We've had couple of painting companies came to our house, their bids are about the same price, around 10K. Now where in the world are we gonna find that kind of money lying around? I am going to get couple more bids from painters and guess will go from there.

Our final inspection walk through is scheduled for this Thursday. I am on pins and needles about this because there are a few things that I hope the inspector will over look. We've done the best we can with limited budget and acting as our own contractor.

Update: We did not pass inspection. The inspector dinged us for twelve thing. None of them were biggies, couple of outlets need to be switch out for GFI plugs around the kitchen. Some forms to fill out, grounding wires for water heaters. The only thing that could have potentially be a pain was adding an under counter outlet to our kitchen peninsula. After some research on my part and a phone call to the inspector, Justin convinced him that the receptacle was not required by code...woohoo! We are so ready to get this inspection thing behind us. 

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  1. hey my aunt and uncle just had their house painted, they're pretty value conscious. want me to ask them for a referral?