Rain Rain Go Away

The demolition at our house never seems to end. By the time this house is done, we will have basically a brand new constructed house; which if comes within our projected budget will be a miraculous feat by our amazing general contractor.

Over the weekend, the crew dismantled the rotted breakfast nook that was an enclosed back porch done in the 1950s by Mattie Doris. Who is Mattie Doris you might ask? She was the second owner of this house, who did a lot of "creative" reconfiguration of the house to add indoor space. She also enclosed the front porch that's a signature of Queen Annes. There was a lot of haphazard things done to the house, we are trying our best to do it right this time...Well what do you know, the kitchen area looks much better without the odd nook with the 7 foot ceiling. Oh, did I mention that the foundation for this extension is a little unstable and requires repair as well. Anyway, a collective decision was made on the spot to make this area a deck instead of part of the kitchen. Not only does that save us some money, it will also be a nice to have an elevated outdoor space for hanging out and have a little herb garden conveniently located outside the kitchen. I am already dreaming of those summer barbecues on the deck...

These are couple of short videos that Justin took of the demolition, video 1video 2.

We arrived at the job site on Saturday morning, demolition was already in progress.

Thankfully no one fell through the big opening where there used to be a wall.

View from where the kitchen will go. Although we'll be losing a little bit of square footage on the inside, that space was awkward and under utilized to begin with, so it's not a huge loss.

The house boarded up temporarily. We are going to enclose the area below the deck and use as laundry room for the downstairs units. A door will be put in next to the temporary boarded up wall. We thought about putting in french doors that open up to the deck, but decided against them for practical and security reasons. The wood siding on the back of the house has some damages, dry rotting, we'll replace them also.

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