Cat Party

When we first bought the house, we noticed the neighborhood cats have been using our backyard as a giant kitty litter box, much to my dismay. But hey, not much is going on in the yard right now, so I wasn't going to sweat it. I like cats. My old roommate had an outdoor cat, Kitters, but I never saw or smelled her waste around or near the house. She was adorable and extremely easy cat to take care of.

Well, I discovered over the weekend that these mystery cats have decided to do their business indoors now that the first floor is practically just a pile of dirt. Oh how they love the freshly dug soil. The word must have gotten around the neighborhood, because there were at least seven piles of fresh droppings. I gathered they are having a ball every night on our freshly dug floor. It's also possible that everyone is just so overjoyed about this newly discovered indoor hangout that they just can't contain themselves (no pun intended). They no longer need to do their business out in the rain now that there's a giant litter box indoors.

At the moment, the ground floor is defenseless to all these cats that want to defecate in it. Not only is there a giant hole where a door used to be, there's also an open trench around the west side of the house.
I hate stepping in that foul smelling crap having done so a couple of time recently. So action must be taken to regain my sanity take back my house! I googled for cat repellent today and found a product they sell at pet stores that claim to keep cats away. After rushing to procure this magical item, I spent a wonderful afternoon picking up fresh cat excrement in a room full of dirt, then scattered the whole box of this stuff over the floor. Although it says it's safe to use for shrubs and vegetables, not sure that it's completely nontoxic. I hope it does what it says it does so I can stop picking up cat poop...

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