Catching Up

Going into the 3rd week of demolition pretty much every wall and ceiling in the house has been torn down. It's kind of shocking to see the house so exposed. I keep telling myself that it's a good thing that everything's been ripped out because now the house will be put back together properly. It will get insulation in the walls, electrical wiring that's not from the middle ages and plumbing to ensure we don't get flooded with fecal matter when the corroded pipes explode like what happened at one of rental properties that Joe (our contractor) manages. And most importantly our sweet little Queen Anne cottage will get a much needed new foundation to ensure that it will be standing for another hundred years.

I've been busy for the past couple of days with drawing up floor plans for all three units. The upstairs will remain pretty much the same except for expanding the kitchen and creating an entrance to the one bathroom through the master bedroom. Turns out that there was a door framed out at the exact spot where we are planning to put in the door.

Over the weekend, Justin and I worked up some sweat by help loading several dump truck loads to get rid of the debris on one side of our house. Apparently our job site has been designated as the neighborhood dumpster. We discovered buckets of used car oil outside our fence and someone's old roofing material on top of the carpet we ripped out. We had our regular dump truck guy come out on Saturday and hauled about 2/3 of it away. Then I found someone on Craigslist and paid them for 2 truck loads to the dumpster. We also went to Home Depot and got some no trespassing signs to put up around the house. It felt good to get rid of all the trash and Justin loved doing physical labor and feeling sore all over afterwards. I see a new career for Justin in the future if his IT work doesn't pan out.

Some photos I took last week, the house is pretty much gutted.

Looking toward the back of the house, where the bathroom will be. The door is already framed out, how convenient!

Standing in what will be the master bedroom and looking to the back of the house. The kitchen will be on the left.

Standing in the master bedroom and looking toward the living room. One of those two doorways will be drywalled over. A piece of wood is covering up the hole where the chimney used to be, on the other side of this wall.

The living room and master bedroom both had dropped ceilings installed in the 50s. We discovered the original 10 ft plastered ceiling was too damaged to save, so it all came down.

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