Well, construction of the house is on hold at the moment. We need to get a stamp of approval of our architectural plans from the city of Oakland before pouring the concrete foundation. But we need to finalize the floor plan for the ground units before we can hand it in to get approved. In the mean time, the plumber is supposed to reconfigure the underground plumbing before the concrete goes down, but they need access to an area outside the house that is covered with trash from the demolition from last week. The trash hasn't been picked up yet due to the rain...ugh, everything is at a stand still.

I downloaded a free 3D drawing program yesterday and spent the day playing with different layouts for the upstairs floor plan. The graphics and options of this program is pretty primitive, but it's very easy to use, just drag and click. I love the 3D walk through, it helps so much to be able to see how actual physical objects will fit in the space. Although the empty space feels open and big right now, once the walls are up, it will fill much smaller, the upstairs is only a little over 945 square feet after all. I came up with three different plans, here is the one that I am the most happy about.

2nd floor 2D layout. (Click on the images for a larger view.)

2nd floor aerial view.

View from front door looking to the back.

View from kitchen looking to the front door.

The door on the left leads to the laundry room / half bath. The door on the right is the master bedroom.

View of laundry room.

Looking into master bedroom.

Looking at closet and the door to the master bath.

Master bath.

Painting Studio / 2nd bedroom.

View from back deck looking into the kitchen.

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