Spring Vacation

We took a week long trip in the beginning of February to Florida to see Justin's parents. It was a much needed break for both of us. All we did there was eat, sleep, and shop without being bothered by any of troubles back home, i.e.work, bills... The thought of moving to Florida for its low cost of living and proximity to the grandparents crossed my mind for a brief second, but Justin immediately vetoed it when I brought it up.

We got to hang out with Justin's aunt who happens to be in town around the same time. She's a very energetic and passionate lady with a great sense of humor. My only regret was getting an awful migraine on the day that we were supposed to see Justin's grandma who lives 4 hours away. She hasn't met her great grand son yet and it will be a while before we return to Florida. Well, all in all, the trip was a success.

We were lucky the flight had lots of empty seats. The extra room made the over 5 hour long flight a lot more bearable. 
 Spotted a banana tree on a walk in the neighborhood, the flower is very alien looking.
Little D really enjoyed his cousin's company. 
The little dude was feverish for most of the trip. We finally took him to see the doctor but he got better as soon as we got to the doctor's office. Then I noticed a little white dot on his gum, the little guy is teething, no wonder he was in a bad mood. 
I saw this lovely giant throw up of a couch at one of the thrift stores we visited. It's really too awesome for words.
Justin's mom is a fantastic baker and cook. She baked this delicious cheese cake and blueberry pie for us on top of making roast chicken and roast beef dinners. 
My dinner at Red Lobster. Justin and I went on a date while his mom put D to sleep. It was my first time dining at a Red Lobster and will be my last time there. The food was one step above KFC.

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