Spring Cleaning

I have the whole month of February off from my office job, so I finally have some time to declutter and organize the house.

So far this week I have sold a gigantic scanner that I got for free and given away a car seat to a couple with a new baby by using Craigslist. Another item that I just put up for sale is a messenger bag that I haven't used in 2 or 3 years. This bag is one of a kind that was custom made for me and it cost a pretty penny too, hate to give it up but what's the use of having sit in the attic collecting dust?

I took a bag of old clothes to one of the metal drop boxes in the neighborhood that take used clothing and give them to needy families. There's another bag of clothes ready to be taken to either Crossroads or Buffalo Exchange to sell. And I have to promise myself this time that whatever they don't buy will go directly to the donation bin instead coming home with me. I also have a bag of old sheets and soft toys are waiting to be donated to the animal shelter. I am so happy to be making progress!

Cluttered places make me fell claustrophobic and it's hard to keep track of where everything is much less what I have. I remember going on mya four month long around-the-world trip in my 20s with just a travel bag and how great it felt to not be weighted down physically and metaphorically.

In the Steve Jobs biography, his biographer shared that Jobs lived in an almost empty house for a very long time because he couldn't find his ideal furnitures to put in it. I wouldn't go as far as that, but I really want every piece of furniture and item in our house to have a purpose and that's why I am vehemently against tchotchkes and knickknacks in the house. As I am writing this, I am eyeing a glass vase collecting dust on top of a cabinet, its' days are numbered...

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