Catching Up

So what's been brewing here lately at our little queen anne cottage? 

I am doing alright...tired as usual. The little guy is still waking up twice a night, and waking up early in the morning. He can be such a pain in the ass but so adorable when he smiles at me and he never wants to take his eyes off me. I just love him to death. How can you not, just look at that face!

There's been a bbq or kid's birthday party every weekend now that the weather is finally warmer. We have been invited to a lot more things this year because of the baby. We went to a bbq at an ex-coworker's house down the street last weekend.  She's going to introduce me to her neighbor, who had her baby around the same time as me. Her neighbor was out of town at the time. Maybe we can do nanny share if we hit it off, it's nice to have another new mom so close by. It was nice to meet some new people/neighbors and even Justin the grump admitted he had fun at the bbq.

I've been doing a lot of gardening and pulling weeds around the yard. My mom helped me started a vegetable garden last weekend and I just purchased a lot more plants which are still waiting to be transplanted into the ground. 

Ok, it looks totally amateurish, and it is, but we all gotta start somewhere right? I planted couple of strawberries and a yellow pepper in the metal tub and tomato and zucchini squash in the ground. 

The orange tree in the upper right corner was the one we transplanted from its pot few weeks ago. It's not looking so hot, kind of looks like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree at the moment.

Remember this?

I pulled out all the weeds growing on the side of the house over the Memorial Day weekend in preparation for the painters to start their work. I can't wait until we can afford to redo the walkway around the house. It's in pretty crappy condition right now. The patch of bricks in the foreground was put there by Justin to fill the section of walkway our plumber took out to connect to the waste pipe during the renovation. And he left an ugly stump sticking out of the dirt which I am not sure what function it serves. 

The house painters have began working on Tuesday, but the rain also started, scattered shower through out the day all week. Ugh, just our luck right? So it might take more than the 2 weeks estimated time to get the house painted. I hope we've chosen the right color, it's just so hard to make up my mind, what if it ends up looking totally wrong? I just try to tell myself that whatever color we chose is going to look a hundred times better than it looks now. We drove by a house couple of days ago that seems to have the same color combo that we've chosen (a light blue called buxton blue by Benjamin Moore and an off white trim). The house looked pretty good even though it had ugly sidings, so it just goes to show that a new coat of paint makes a huge difference. 

Photo was taken with an iphone, it's not quite as yellow in real life, but I think the blue looks good on this house. This is almost exactly what we had in mind about how to paint our house. Of course our house will look better because we have real wood sidings and not the toxic asbestos siding on this house. Our house also has more moldings around the roof line that gives more character to the architecture. 

I painted a swatch to see if it would clash with the red roof. I think it might, a little, but it was the only color we tried out that didn't make me think, "BORING!" Justin's mom made a good point the other day. She asked me what color do I used the most in my paintings, well duh...blue of course. So I am a blue lover and didn't know it. hehe. It's pretty uncommon to see a blue house around, we've driven around and checked. I am excited to be the co-owner of a blue house!

P.S. I just noticed that the background of my blog is a similar shade of the blue we've chosen to paint the house with. This color has been staring at me in the face this whole time!

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