Happy Friday Ramblings Part 1.

I am sitting on our 3 1/2 year old, second hand Ikea couch on this overcast Friday morning, feeling a little down and overwhelmed by our house renovation...

There was a sofa with chaise lounge at Ikea that we wanted in the As-Is section, marked down by 30%! It was in perfect condition, turned out to be a floor sample. I was so excited, because I've been thinking about it and there it was, on sale, in the color we both wanted. It's called the Kivik. Unfortunately, we didn't have the measurements we needed to determine whether it would fit in our living room or not. We resisted the urge to make an impulse purchase, vowing to come back the next day with the correct measurement to make an informed decision.

If someone else gets to it before us, it'll just mean that the Kivik and us were not meant to be. See, I am trying to be Zen about it. In that case, I will lust after the Karlstad instead. 
The ants are back with full force this morning, crawling all over the stove and counter top. The leaky window is still leaking. Our bedroom door doesn't shut properly. There is an endless list of projects around the house that I can't get to because of the little one. But I have to remind myself to stay positive, because things will get done eventually and the sun will come out again. 

When I think back to where we started almost two years ago with the house search, we had no idea the amount of efforts and perseverance it would take to get to where we are today. We knew that we couldn't afford our "dream house" in turn key condition. The best we could hope for was to get a fixer-upper and build it to our specs. So in a way, this is our dream house for the present.

Anyway all I want to say is that I am grateful to have such a beautiful son and supportive partner. I am grateful that we have a roof over our heads, a house of our own. I am grateful for our families who helped to make our dream come true.

Desmond is growing up so fast...

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