Almost there...

The downstairs units are almost done. All there's left are the kitchen and bathroom fixtures and two toilets in the bathrooms. We still need get the stoves and heaters. I just found out that here in California, it's illegal to have vent-free heaters, so we'll have to spend twice as much to get direct-vent wall heaters for the two apartments. We also need to get a set of coin operated washer and dryer and they will run about $1100 total. I feel like we are so close to the end, but there's almost more things we need to purchase and more work to be done...

The apartments as they are now. 

Back unit kitchen.

Apartment size 24" refrigerator.

Ikea laminate counter top. Pragel, white with wood grain, less than $150 including tax, more than enough for both units.

We used Tundra laminate floating floor in maple. I think the apartments really benefit from the light color of the floor, it brightens up the place. 

 View of the front unit living room / kitchen. 

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