Projects Around the House

Just wanted to share couple of small projects I've done recently. We were at Ikea couple of weeks ago when I saw that they now carry picture rails in their picture frame section. I have been wanting a landing strip, a small shelf by the door way to put my wallet and mail when I enter the house. I was going to make something like a picture rail but the Ikea one was only $10 and saves me the time so we just bought it.

This wall desperately needs some art work or something, but I haven't found the right thing yet. 

Having a dedicated place for my phone and wallet by the door means I will be not forget them on my way out. I am thinking maybe getting another picture rail above this one. 

I tried to be productive on those days that little D is in daycare. I got off my lazy behind to do a little painting since we have so many left over paint samples sitting in our garage. This is one of two little Ikea tables from our apartment days and was looking a little tired and beat up. I did a quick sanding over the weekend to rough it up a little. All I had lying around was primer in a spray can so I did one thin coat just so the paint would have something to stick on. 

I was going to paint the whole thing grey, but decided at the last minute to try something different.

It already looks pretty good after the first coat of paint. I will sand it with a fine grid sandpaper before putting on a second and final coat in couple of days when little D goes to daycare again. Nothing like a coat of paint to give new life to an old 

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