New Gate

It's about time right? Calling in the professionals to get the job done was the right decision. They got it done in half a day. Even with a jack hammer it still took them over an hour to break up concrete blocks holding the posts in place. As much as I like the experience of doing things ourselves, it feels even better to watch the pros get the job done right. The two workers that were sent to build the gates were polite and nice but they didn't do a very good job clean up after themselves. They scattered the broken up concrete in our yard and didn't clean up a piece of glass they shattered in the grass. I supposed you get what you pay for. We paid $565 for the double gates, it was the lowest of the three bids we got.

Someone decided to add some "art" to the front of our fence recently. I hope they leave our new gates alone.

The new gates look really out of place right now but they will turn grey like the rest of the fence in a year or so. 

I can't wait to give our new gate a more finished look by adding an arbor on top. Yay, more DIYs in the coming weeks. 

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