We spent a week in Michigan recently and boy was it hot and humid there. It was a much needed break for us and the little one. Our good friend/neighbor Randy took care of my plants for a week and water them diligently. I was really surprised at how much everything grew in just a week.

This was about 2 months ago when I first planted the veggies and strawberries. 

This is how the veggies look today. There are a bunch of green tomatoes and the zucchini plant has been very productive.

 The zucchini plant has gotten so huge. I have harvested five giant zucchinis so far and there are couple of small ones growing. 

Little D with big zucchinis.  

Little sunflower.

Not so little anymore.

Hopi red dye amaranth. This little guy's leaves keep getting eating by something. Apparently it has eatable seeds and leaves. Native Americans used the seeds for ceremonial food dye.

It's flowering. I am going to save the seeds and plant them all over the place next year. It looks kind of sickly because the leaves are all chewed up. Bugs, squirrels? 

I got a hydrangea about a month ago. I really wanted a white one but this was all I could find at the time. I am not crazy about the pink color though. 

I found the tall plant foxglove at CVS yesterday, on sale for 2 bucks down from $19. I just couldn't say no to that even though most of the flowers have fallen off. 

I also got the salvia purple Majesty below at CVS. We went to Flora Grubb, a fancy nursery in San Francisco today and there were a huge variety of plants with purple flower. I spot a trend...not that I would garden according to what's in, that's just silly.

I love the tall, slender look of this plant. It kept getting blown over in the pot it came it, so I had to put it in the ground as soon as possible to keep it standing. 


  1. I like that red brick thing you have around the raised bed. Just might steal that one....

  2. I would like to eventually build some wooden raised beds in a different location, but the bricks will do for now.