Exterior Paint, Done! (updated with more photos)

The painting project on the exterior of our house was finally finished last Tuesday. Here are couple of before and afters.

Before. Garage.



After. The gold on the triangle didn't look quite as yellow as I had hoped. The color looked fine close up, so it must be due to how the light reflects from the gold that makes it appear darker.

I put a little table out on the porch with a pot of plant to make the entry way a little more welcoming. 

Patio door before

Patio door after.

Front apartment entrance before.

Front apartment entrance after. 

Back of the house before.

We removed the stairs and the enclosed addition that was ready to collapse, replaced it with a patio and utility room below it.

Garage door. Sadly there was no before.

Door to the second apartment. 


  1. beautiful! can you tell me what type/color paint you used on the exterior? I'm talking about the aqua color...

  2. Thank you! Sorry for the late reply. I just noticed your comment. The light blue is Benjamin Moore's Buxton Blue, the accent darker blue is Benjamin Moore's Van dusen Blue, both from their historical collection.

  3. I really love the feeling every time my eyes captured the calmness and purity of things colored by blue. Thank you so much for sharing this exterior paints...

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  4. Blue is my favorite color, I stared long and hard at your home exterior. I'm really enjoying it. Haha! The combination of colors is great. Painting the trim of your windows and doors with white was good too as it simply matched with everything. But I have to say that the patio door was the best part. It seems that it belongs to another house, and it became even more beautiful with the wooden Venetian.