Two More Weeks

Well, another week has come and almost gone. I can't believe we are two weeks away from being in our new house. I was amazed by Radu the tile guy's speed and efficiency, he finished tiling the bathrooms in two and a half  days. All there is to do now is putting in the toilets and faucets and we can move in! Our plumber has been m.i.a. for the last couple of weeks which got me really worried. But we finally got hold of him yesterday and he promised to come on Saturday to put everything in for us. I have fingers crossed for the finishing installation to go smoothly this weekend. 


The orange underlayment is call Ditra, it is radiant heat compatible. Warm tiles under the feet. :)

Radu hard at work on the first day.

Tiles all put in at the end of the second day.

Grouting the tiles on the third day.

Floor and baseboard tiles in the half bath.

With tiling completed for both rooms, I am ready to paint! The color I chose is a cool white tinted with a hint of blue called Snow White from Benjamin Moore.


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