Sorry I've been so lax on posting. Below are photos from last week's work. We had to hire three guys for the concrete finishing for the day. Two loads of concrete and a half day of hard work.

The concrete floor guys wetting the stones before the concrete getting put down. 
Pouring the concrete foundation for the utility room out back.
The guy in green with the hose is Dean aka. Mr. Nice Guy. He's the concrete pumping guy and has the best price in town!
This guy was like an acrobat, balancing delicately on the 2x4 while maneuvering that giant squeegee thingy. 
Once the concrete was dry enough, the guys got on their knees to smooth out the floor. 
After two rounds of finishing, one more to go.
Two days later, viola!
Progress on the utility room.
I didn't have time to prime the wood siding this time but I also didn't want to spend the big bucks on the pre-primed stuff. 
It's half way done, still needs a concrete slab and a door.
Inside the utility room.


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