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This is just a quick post tell you guys that Justin fixed the toilet! He's getting more and more handy everyday, I am so impressed. We have the Toto Aquia dual flush toilets with soft close seats and I can't say enough good things about this toilet. I am so glad we shelled out the extra bucks for the soft close seats because there's no more accidentally slamming the toilet seat. I knew I wanted a dual flush toilet even before I started shopping for it. The Toto Aquia has such clean modern design that it was hands down the only toilet I would consider buying in this price point. I think we paid around $350 for it. I am pretty sure that we got a tax credit or rebate for buying the water conserving toilets which made it more affordable since we needed two of them.

A few months after we moved into the house we noticed the toilet tank in the half bath was not refilling properly but we pretended that it wasn't a problem because there were much more urgent home improvement projects to attend to. So a year later, the problem toilet hasn't fixed itself so we decided to tackle the problem with our electrician, Dixie's help, who happens to be a Jack(Jill?) of all trades. She used to be a he and communicates with fairies. I am being totally serious about Dixie, not making it up. Anyways, she and Justin figured out one of the valves was screwed on too tightly and caused the tank to not refill properly. But in the process of fixing the toilet Justin broke off a tiny piece on one of the pastic parts in the tank, which left the toilet refilling continuously. But Justin redeemed himself a few days later when he replaced the broken part and now our toilet is working like it's supposed to again and it only took us the better part of a year to fix it.

This is the Toto Aquia in the full bath, it goes so well with our modern fixtures in our bathroom.

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