List of To Dos

I don't feel too good about the lack of progress on the house and this blog, but it's kind of out of my control. With our full time work schedule and taking care a little one who's about to walk, there is hardly a moment of down time. We made a list of little things that needed to get done this weekend, can't say we didn't try to cross them out today, but the day went by so fast. I will hopefully have some photos of progress to share by the end of this weekend.

We finally signed a lease with our new tenant last night. We are glad the previous tenant moved out and left the place in pretty good condition. I never imagined that we would be landlords, all we wanted was to be homeowners. We are accidental landlords, and to have help paying the mortgage each month is really nice even though we have to sacrifice a little privacy.

Just remembered it's daylight savings time tonight so we gain an extra hour. I wish it meant that we get an extra hour of sleep, but little D probably won't know the difference. He will stick to his usual 6am wake up time. sigh...

1. Get paint for touch ups.  Do touch up paint around the house and paint conduit on the exterior of the house.

2. Take stuff to Goodwill.

3. Sell clothes at Crossroads. (didn't get much sold today, will try again next weekend at a different used clothing store in the area.)

4. Install alarm systems. 

5. Clear out front bedroom to make room for nursery. Our baby is almost one year old and he's room is still a "junk" room. We are such bad parents.

6. Plant the replacement fern we bought last week rake some leaves.

7. This one is a "maybe we'll get to it if we have time" Install pavers in the area outside the utility room.

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